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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 22, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: happy thanksgiving. hope it is a great one i hope you have eat be because maybe a lost you have haven't, this is going to make you want to puke. 39 days away from a fiscal cliff it turns my stomach because i have been trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. i have a lot to do. i took it upon myself to try to save the country and broker a deal, to try to get them hopping on the trillions of dollars worth of automatic spending cuts and bush tax rates that expire the same second, at stroke of midnight january 1, 2013. with the biggest names in the business community, in the political community, we tried,
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again and again, to come close to the crisis that could have been avoided at 39 days out remains a chasm. hear their woes, their worries, about being on the brink. fiscal cliff? or fiscal free for all? we are staring at this abyss. no one is even touching it. >> what is amazing to me this is the most predictable financial crisis ever in the history of this country. i suspect we are thought going to anticipate a recession, you will see a recession. >> we should be very careful not to go over the cliff because we will have a negative affect on this economy and on employment. >>neil: an idea of how much is at stake and who pays for this, i am telling you at this rate, everyone will pay. every single american family will pay.
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>> this has implications for every american family, 90 percent of families in america will pay higher taxes, and a reduction in income of $3,500 per american family. we talking about an income loss of 6 percent after taxes, the largest income loss since the 1940's, huge implications and politicians are going to have to, for once, act in a bipartisan manner to try and fix this. >> the people are ready for someone to tell them the truth instead of this mush that they can get this done without touching precious medicare, precious medicaid, precious social security, and precious defense, those people are phony. >>neil: they are afraid. they will take their money off the table. they are afraid. >> business is not a good environment. there is no reason for any businessman to want to grow its business, advance its business, hire more people, create more
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problems. >> only 3 percent of small business will be hit. but that is 50 percent of the profits that generate the jobs. small businesses are fretting because they have not had adequate representation in this discussion. everyone is in washington but where is the small business representation? where is their voice at table? where is their taxation and representation? where is it? >>neil: that is where we stand in the middle of a pile of green we don't have that we will have less of and if we don't do something by december 31 we will have uncertainty killing the economy. >> i have asked 9 -- 2,000 business owners how many of you have jobs but are not expanding because of the uncertainty? every hand goes up each time. >> people are sitting on the side lines because they don't have the certainty of where we
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are headed and whether there will be a free and open and reasonably regulated public sector. >> i started off with little. now i have a great company with 5,000 employees and i don't want to see it go up in smoke if we can't get our act together. >> the only solution that is absolutely unacceptable is to not have a solution. we cannot kick the can down the road. it is that simple. we in the business community are demanding it. >> there was a study of defense manufacturing sector, and found we would lose a million jobs if the defense cuts take place. >> the worse is nothing happens or they kick the can down the road. >>neil: you warned about the layoffs, how big will the numbers be? >> overall it could be a million jobs which would be fairly immediate. >> almost like we will pull the pin from the grow made and say, well, let's see how long it
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takes to explode and then we will figure out how much time we have after everything blows up. >> until there are jobs and certainty in consumer and business environment we will go through this for a while until the leadership of our country clears a path and creates certainty. >>neil: consumers could be downsized. >> they do not have certainty in a job they will not be buying tv's and refrigerators that help move the economy along. >> he is trying to extend an olive branch. >>neil: at white house it is intimidating and i think the guys loaded for bear, get to the white house and they are ready to let him have it and they fold like a cheap suit. >> it troubles those who are business executives and in the real world of business opposed to sitting in washington and have payrolls to meet and businesses to run, the folks have been at this for a long,
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long time and they promised they would have a deal by the end of the year. the american public expects something by the end of the year. >> most of what we seeing kick in at the end of the year foments the obstacles and makes them tougher. >>neil: why do i feel i am on the deck of the titanic trying to point out to the captain, is that a big chunk of ice? you can see the disaster play out in slow-motion. the c.e.o.'s say it is all about jobs and making sure there is continuity. the politicians say it is jobs. what do they still have their jobs as they risk losing two million of our jobs? >> in
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>>neil: a lot you know me as a prompter reader but i am trying to save the country in my spare time. when we were in washington, dc, we thought we were so close to brokering a deal between the two sides to avoid the fiscal cliff and then we found out they weren't close. they were lying. they were delaying. they were fooling. take a look. >> we are hearing of a train wreck that could happen in weeks of the election, massive tax hikes and spending cuts that kick in. >> the blame squarely falls on the president and senator harry reid for never passing a budget in three years. >> we have had a situation where the president has had to do this
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on his own and you know and i know it. >>neil: he had a democratic house of representatives and a democratic senate and the world was his oyster. >> if he had a little help from the republicans, so many americans could be working. >>neil: are you kidding me? i know the republicans are evil, but, come on, in your opinion, did he do anything wrong? >> not the substance. >> the president has failed to put a solution on the table to avoid the defense cuts. >> but you signed on to the sequestration that means the defense cuts will come up. >> not everyone. we thought it was a stupid deal. >> congressman, you had a plan. sequestration. and now you don't like that. i can understand it. >> that is why i voted against it. >> i voted against it. >> now both parties are saying they voted against it. >> there is a comprehensive way
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to do it and a fair and balanced way. i like to use that term. >> we should look at the programs but what i gave you specifically was not nothing --. >>neil: the waste and abuse was not much. i am always trying to save the nation. that is my side job. >> raising taxes is not the answer. >> we have to raise taxes from the upper income people. >>neil: i understand that. the only way to do it in your eyes is to raise the rates? >> well, just raising taxes is not going to do anything. >>neil: that is the only thing on the table, senator. >> you cannot increase taxes on american business or families. the next three days are critical. >>neil: so you are open to closing loophole credits? you don't want to increase tax rates but you are open to offer the democrats, all right, you want to address revenues and closing loopholes you are open to do that?
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>> in the next 53 days that is something we have to do as long as we do not increase taxes on the membership. >>neil: i am trying to save the world here. >> everyone wants tax cuts and wants to get rid of loopholes. >>neil: you would be on to that as a starting point? >> no question. >>neil: maybe we can broker this agreement right now. >>neil: i thought i was on the verge of getting them to do something. but, no. >> if you are an elected official and unwilling to look at reforming the entitlements you should not be in the office. the devil is in the details. >>neil: it is not like all the democrats are eelville. senator, we will go into an abyss. >> olive branch, both sides have offered something on avoiding the fiscal cliff, speaker boehner open to revenue and the president supposedly open on a lot of issues but have we, really, moved?
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>> no. >>neil: are you any closer to an agreement? >> well, i don't me that we are. >>neil: would it be harder to strike a bargain now? >> absolutely. >> a deal can be reached. the sentiment was good, necessity had constructive talks at the white house but as you indicated --. >>neil: what made them constructive? >> it was constructive in the sense that all parties understood the importance of trying to prevent us going over the fiscal cliff. >>neil: how real is that fiscal cliff looking? some say many democrats want to go over it? >>guest: it is very real and there are democrats who are fine with going over the cliff. >>neil: the way it is going we are piling debt at $4 billion a day. every day. every day. every day. think about that. you don't need an economics degree from harvard to figure out the basic math because it is
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working against both parties right now. >> you add and you substract. and multiply. >> no one is cutting anything in total just trying to reduce the rate of growth. >>neil: it seems like when someone talks about even slowing the growth it is like killing grandma. do you think we can get beyond that? >> sure. we are already beyond that. >> it is not serious. they are not serious. they are denying we have a problem with regard to federal spending. >>neil: they came. they talked. what did they do? >> the president is saying to speaker boehner that, look, the tone, the mood, it is good but let's see or land what we want is economic growth. we want on get spending under control. we want entitlement reform. we want to get people back to work. >> couple entitlement reform and tax reform. there are republicans willing to put revenues on the table if it is in the contempt of tax reform
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that lowers rate. >> we should not off load the costs of rising health care on to the backs of seniors. >>neil: i warned you, and now i am telling washington, dc, i am coming back to throttle you. i will go back if you don't get off your ass and do something. this is america depending on you. the next video i show you is ahead. i have little faith when lawmakers and politicians say don't worry, neil, we will not hit the fiscal cliff, because i have heard and i have seen this type of behavior before. look, right after the storm, when all the lawmakers after hurricane sandy were slapping themselves on the back and saying what a great job they were doing, and my crew is a good example, they were in staten island and on the jersey shore and they saw for themselves, there was this back slapping here. there was no high five's,
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>>neil: on thanksgiving, i think of people on staten island and new york and coney island, and along the jersey shore, all the thousands of storm displaced folks who have no home, no belongings, right now, no hope, no money, no way of ever getting back to anything approaching knoxcy any time soon. who can blame them? especially at a time when we discovered in our own coverage politicians were patting themselves and these folks would sooner kick them in the you know what. we covered it every step of the
1:20 pm
way. here is how it went down. we just got word, now, that governor cuomo of new york has deployed the national guard for hurricane sandy hours away from hitting land. >> we clocked gust up to 57 miles per hour. it is stronger now. we are going to get to the 60's and high high tide is approaching. >> this is my home. my home. i walk by people's houses and they are filled with mud and diesel and everything else imaginable. this is our home. >>neil: now it is getting nasty. in new jersey people lining up for hours looking for a gallon or two to keep the generators going as they deal with the ongoing massive power outages. >> i was 50' from the gas and
1:21 pm
they ran out. >> now a very common sight, police are stationed outside the gas stations. >> remember when everyone, everyone, was sounding dandy how they handled sandy? >> great job. >> good news is the help is coming. >> we had a good plan. >> well executed. >> i thank you and your entire team. >> a lot of criticism of fema in katrina days and today you hear nothing but good things about fema. >> i thank craig fugate who lives and breathes this stuff. >>neil: for many, the rescue efforts have become heck of a joke with folks in the northeast fuming because the help isn't coming. though they are trying. no gas. no food. no power. >> homes being looted. >> the coast guard is not here to help. or the federal government. or the city. >> walk in the streets here, the water is this high.
1:22 pm
i am wearing waders. >> i don't know what the people are doing patting themselves on their back. i got people on staten island and new jersey and long island, my son lost his house, people are living with no houses over their head, people on staten island crying their eyes out and they don't have water. just be real. these people need help. >> many on staten island say it is the forgotten borough. >> fed up. fed up. this line, that line, what are we in is this america? >> fema just arrived. >> don't have anything anywhere to go. no clothes. >> people still hurting. they still looking for people. >>neil: a lot of people without power. without homes. underwater there. >> government officials and our politicians want everyone to believe that everything is okay
1:23 pm
and everything is back to normal and the kids will be going back to school and life continues but on this block people are cleaning out basements and first floor with all the things they own. >>neil: seven years after this. eerie parallels, now, looking at this. now, hearing this. >> we need some help. >> we have been out here for [blank] days. we [blank] days. >> we have nothing. >> we want [blank] help. >> the people out here are very frustrated by what is going on. >> it is chaos, pandemonium out here. >> am i supposed to wait in another eight hour line? >> everyone is upset. >>neil: mayor giuliani is
1:24 pm
here. >> fema is a big joke. this whole victory tour that president obama took a couple of days ago was exaggerated. >> 2.7 million customers were without power after the storm and now it is less than a million customers, a big improvement but not to the less than million customers who do not have power. >>neil: fema even closed disaster relief centers in new york because of bad weather. this time, hung up at a center in stalin island infuriating victims who say they are hung out to dry. storm victims are looking to fema for answers but they are not getting answers. >> we have yet to get a number for the people and that is what the previous question was about, how many people are we talking about you have settled in various housing? >> i will have to get you that. i don't have that in front of me. >> my experience is there must be a lot of miscommunication
1:25 pm
going on between state, local, and federal officials. >>neil: these are pictures my next guest took after hurricane sandy took about everything in hour life, her staten island home, furniture, clothes and now she has been kicked out of a hotel so family workers can stay there. >> i think all of the people that were participating from fema were nice, they were kind, but they didn't, it was like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. >>neil: there is a difference between a president showing up and saying we are on top of it, and the extreme frustration we hear from residents with the long lines waiting for gas, and those without power and angry residents on staten island feel they have been forgotten and there does seem, governor, to be a disconnect. >> the federal government has a job to do and it is their responsibility to pick up and do the things that local
1:26 pm
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>>neil: not a good year for republicans but those that had a crystal clear message and those that never veered, never lost their soul did okay. in the state of wisconsin, especially, i'm not talking about paul ryan. i'm talking about a guy named scott walker. >> governor of the great state of wisconsin, caught walker! >>neil: from madison, wisconsin, this is it, "do or die", the final hours before voters in this state died
1:30 pm
whether to make their governor the third to go down to recall defeat. >> governor walker reminding me he is fit. he is ready. he will survive. >> if you win, governor, what do you think it means? >> it is a victory for courage, not only in wisconsin but across the country. for years i have heard people tell me, voters, people complaining, democrat or republican, complaining about politicians at the state and local and national legal, they don't have guts to take on the issues. the politicians have to take on the issues. politicians fail to do that. the victory tomorrow is a victory for everyone across the country in a local and state government and those like paul ryan in washington trying to do equally great things. it would be a victory to say
1:31 pm
voters mean it when they want you to take on the top issues. >> the people. united. will never be defeated. >>neil: so coy it you can hear a pin drop. really. >> can you pick up everything? you have heard some choice language here or some unusual things that is bret baier, the guy, really, it is bad. it is bad. it is bad. it is bad. >> i was broadcasting street side yesterday some people actually liked me and said nice things, governor and other people said thing, well, i know you encounter them yourself, good and bad, things i cannot repeat because children are watching, it is is extreme love
1:32 pm
love-hate situation. are we going to be severely divided america perpetually? what do you think? >> we will be severely divided as long as people believe that private political parties are the answer to solving so many of america's economic challenges. >>neil: i know everyone is telling you, this is the defining home for america. it might be. but it won be done unless someone orders some bratwurst first, here are folks dining during the revolution. a reminder, in the middle of a social upheaval, there is always time to eat. >> if you are watching a couple of other news networks you would swear that there are millions of protesters gathered here in madison and they are tearing down the capital, if not burning it. i want to give you perspective
1:33 pm
but the cameraman will look at it. this is the crowd you are watching. but we are "panning out" for that shot. what do you see? they are in a little corner that would be like a family reunion, a cavuto family reunion. i see a lot of grass, what the protesters are smoking, the green grass, i called it the scoobie do but i was alerted that scoobie do had a van, no bus and another realized it was the partridge family bus which is what we are calling it because that is appropriate. now the union leaders...he will
1:34 pm
try to kill us off. >> another great thing we will reward excellence and be in a position where we can hire and fire based on merit and pay based on performance so we can reward great employees. >>neil: the bus is back. early today, i am not kidding, this puppy parked on the road and 500 people came out of it. we have, indeed, a call: scott walker has won. where does this filter? scott walker has fived all of this. >> won tonight. it is not even going to be close. i like it. >>neil: that obligates you for dinner, though. >> we worked hard because we want our children to inherit a bet life, a better home, a better community and thanks to your vote today, a better state than the one we inherited.
1:35 pm
we will move wisconsin forward. >>neil: we are on top of it, your money, your life, tonight. >> there are a lot of things i am grateful for, but in a job sense what i am most grateful for, when i ask you and those of you who did not get fox business to demand it, you did, million more subscribers this year than last year. we were phenomenally rated at the convention with our election coverage and with so many special names and big shows and we were having a chuckle, as well, now and then, don imus comes to mind. don imus after this. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>neil: don imus is a reason i like to insist while fox means business, it doesn't take itself so seriously that it can't, well, lighten things up. oftentimes, when don i are together we lighten things up, well, we go at it. that is the fox business way. he give me the business, and i give him the business. >> are is cavuto? please welcome. >> today. today. today. >> a man who sadly calls himself a financial factor. >>imus: you are a creep. >>neil: every day is a gift. >>imus: i agree. >>neil: a new opportunity to enjoy and soak in the beauty of
1:39 pm
life. i am here to help you. you are a monster. >>imus: you okay? do me a favor, would you, step backward about 10' in front of the bus. >>neil: the way things are going in the world right now, and you are goldman sachs with a cowboy hat. you give the 1 percent a bad name. >>imus: what are your initials on your shirt, you are kind of a cute guy you could have gone into the movies. or broadway. i could see that. you wear these --. >>neil: i could have done a "west side story" remake. you like like an undertaker and you are judging me. >>imus: i wonder if there is a potential for you to button your coat is that a couple of happy meals back. if you feel like a bigger person, which...
1:40 pm
>> >>neil: i can lose eat by you will always be evil. >>imus: where did you grow up? in new jersey? where did you go to school? >>neil: none of your business. >>imus: we would make better progress if you would answer your questions. where did you go on vacation? >>neil: none your business. >>imus: did you study downism? >>neil: i wanted to be a priest. originally. must really? >>neil: yes. yes. yes. started out that way. >>imus: what happened? you saw the babes in my wife wants to have sex with you by the way. >>neil: who doesn't. >>imus: you didn't grow up wanting to be a business reporter. >>neil: being a journalist is a fall back. >>imus: where is my banana? >>neil: i wanted you on and then, i had to get my beauty
1:41 pm
sleep. >>imus: i am 72. i am not 42. it is a miracle i am here now. >>imus: i have cancer you son of a bitch. >>neil: we are a family. we are a family. >>imus: then can kiss my ass. what was the point of sending me an e-mail calling me an idiot and misspelling "idiot." >>neil: tough to type on this device with my chubby fingers. whoever said yes, do you want to do imus tomorrow is the person who getting fired today. >>imus: why? what did i do? talking with neil cavuto. >>neil: i don't like you. must you do. >>neil: i find you nauseating obnoxious. it is a love hate relationship. >>imus: i love you. >>neil: you don't. must i do. i do. i do. i do. i do. i will give you a big hug. if i everyone there.
1:42 pm
>>neil: you are a monster. and i wish i could say lovable monster. do you is a very good heart. >>imus: that is it? >>imus: that is it. thank you. >>neil: i rushed back from denver for this? >>imus: you were on for 12 minutes. that is it. thank you. ♪ imus in the morning >>neil: we talk about what i am grateful for, i am grateful for the incredible quality guests we have had, the biggest name, fair and balanced at conventions and political coverage, equal number of democrats and equal number of republicans. i always tell you we are not red or blue but green, your money, how to make the most of it, who is spending it, who is wasting it, and grateful that given the powerful guy i am i get to attract a lot of very powerful people and, now and then, an
1:43 pm
occasional hottie. and kate upton knows i am a media powerhouse. it was another thing telling my wife that when i got home but the bottom line it is for you, for the country. hi, honey. do the guys look more an the tvs or you? >> depends on what is on tv that day. >> we will have to compromise. it will not be 55", it will be 48" but the good news --. >>neil: talking about what? >> my god! >>neil: welcome, i am neil cavuto with fox on top.
1:44 pm
this is the last day of my marriage. >> i am going to grab you and smile. >>neil: where are we going here? >> can you give me one of those cow jackets. >>neil: every guest gets one. >> i will wear it on this show. >>neil: the judge kept his pledge. >> congratulations for being chairman of the nutrition council. >> they will put me in charge of >>neil: i just read a prompter. enough about me. >> i recognize you. >>neil: did you like the interview? >> very nice. >>neil: because if you didn't like the interview i would have said i was bill o'reilly. >> very nice. >>neil: stick her on o'reilly and see what happens. >> you mention north america...
1:45 pm
>> stop. stop. stop you french. wake up and sniff your latte. >> you are so good at this. >>neil: you put me down like no one else can. i admire that. and i fear it. i have no problem, i built a career on it, but that is the saving virtue. >> i will show you my cat if you talk me into it. >> i cannot tell you anything about the vice president process, you know that. if i did i would have to come after you with my "blend in black" flashlight. >>neil: you got a good feel? ready for tonight? i think we bombed it. >> i would always call you
1:46 pm
senator. you can call me mr. cavuto. >> are you getting a lot of good reaction? >> i feel good. >> a lost delegates are telling me you did great. you feel good? >> i do. >>neil: this is coming in from blog, neil cavuto finishes stunning one-on-one with massachusetts governor. what did you think of my bonding moment with the governor? >> it is finished. >> that's it. >> anyone who knows me knows i'm a serious better. i don't bet money. i bet food.
1:47 pm
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>>neil: to avoid gambling conflicts, when i do make bets on fox i make them for food. i find that to be a win-win because someone ends up eating and most of the time since i win, i do. is it is not that bad but there was one guy who took me on, who challenged me and said when i said it would be a lopsided election and made it a win for mitt romney he was foolish enough to challenge me.
1:51 pm
chunky monkey was on the table. and larry sabato, game on. >> this is likely to be close. how close? we don't know. >>neil: i think you are wrong. you have done this your entire life, but i think i know these things and this election will not be close young man and i will bet you...a carton of chunky monkey. >> ben & jerry's, i bet you a gallon right now. >>neil: you are upping the ante. you want he to have another ice cream bet and larry sabato is pre-ordering. >> i want you to know i have been losing weight in anticipation of eating all the chunky monkey. >>neil: but that depends on what the meaning of chunky is. >> neither of us need any chunky monkey but we have a lot of ice
1:52 pm
cream riding on this. >>neil: just say you will never call me a teleprompter reader again. well, i might have lost but i am holding up my end of the bargain, my favorite ice cream on the planet, and i poe you are surprised because i don't look like a guy that would like ice cream. larry said it would be close and i didn't think so but i bought the ice cream and larry is under the assumption i am going to get it to him. >> i give the ice cream on my behalf and your behalf to the wonderful staff you have and all the wonderful technicians and camera guys and make you look good every day, which isn't easy, neil. >>neil: in is a doubling down on hurt, you try to read a teleprompter as elegantly as i can. by the way you have been a great sport and a good man, and we are
1:53 pm
-- is "drop shifting" a variety of flavors for you and your staff. that is larry sabato's ice cream. >> a few months ago a television host on one of our networks bet me about the american election, which was very foolish on his part, and he was wrong. and my team was right. and the pay off is he had to send a bunch of ice cream down, it is really hard, everyone form a line and you will get some ice cream. neil, this is for you. this is for you. we are not gloating. really. really. really. yeah, we're gloating. we are gloating. you are a great guy, anyway. >>neil: i hate him. larry floating in front of his students visiting from south america. all right, larry, enjoy it while
1:54 pm
you it will can. did you like the ice cream? did the students? >> it was risk, we had 20 visiting high school students from peru and bolivia. >>neil: so i am a worldwide loser. >> i quit while i'm ahead. >>neil: my best to you and your students, i am glad you enjoyed the ice cream and continued success. >> you were very gracious and we that you. >>neil: i feel vulnerable but it is okay. okay, okay, i lost the bet but a bet i always win 100 percent, the folks who try to make me look gook, my crew. they do not always succeed but i can prove i. after this. so you say men are superior drivers?
1:55 pm
yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
>> you know, forget the rockefeller christmas tree. you know, this is the the most important sore spot in new york. for some people people want to be under the cavuto sign in new york. let's wrap things up. i want to put things in perspective. we look at a lot of serious
1:58 pm
issues we really do. but we don't take ourselves too seriously. i think the click and magic of the show is such a thing. it's the fact that we like each other and we really get along. there's no anger issues here. and we have fun. i always tell people, life is short. go long. have fun, be real. unfortunately, my crew actually would take me up on it. if you don't get fbn-- >> get starting, we're stuck on a horrible planet and an evil man over and over again. >> you're the not in iowa. >> lovely people here. >> it's cold. >> you're here. >> studio e we do "fox & friends," we do your world, and-- >> guys, guys! >> can we get pictures? >> that's sean hannity. >> and like sharks, we're barring that, matt, we're not keeping it. >> you seem upset, do you want a hug, you seem like it's getting to you today.
1:59 pm
>> really, i want you to stop. >> eat your heart out. >> and i have to demand it. i have to demand. i have to demand. >> since you're giving up the business, i'm cooking up to give you the business. >> it's up. >> you don't get it. >> you have to demand, i'm putting my bid in now for the produce party to run for president, a pineapple, and everyone pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, lord have mercy. >> are you the guy that gives them the business? frankie, start bringing the business in. >> demand it! >> the guys, i think you have instant cache and get the guys in white lab coats, give you an air of legitimacy. >> the answer is demand it. >> there's sog wrong, i request something, i have to request, fox, fox business, i have to-- pass,


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